Columbia Basin Basalt
Columns & Fountains


Columbia Basin Basalt Columns are the largest columns available, with diameters ranging from 24” to beyond 48”. Ideal for use in custom monuments, water features and public use projects.

Diameter: 24 - 30”
Length: up to 30’
Weight: ~750 lbs per linear foot   


Columbia Basin Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

The largest variety of basalt columns is found in Columbia Basin, and this is from where we source and then process basalt columns which you can proudly install in your garden area and enjoy their beauty and rustic charm.

Formed by the cooling of lava, brought in by gigantic volcanic flows which took place millions of years ago, the Columbia Basin basalt is highly popular and preferred by people to be added as an impressive feature in their gardens.

It can completely transform the appearance of your landscape. Even if you decide to place these columns inside your house, you can definitely create something unique by using your creativity.

These are magnificent pieces of art created by nature itself. Basalt columns are like ready-made sculptures which can beautify any place where these are installed.

The use of these columns can be seen at many places, especially in the form of fountains. A hole is drilled in the middle of the column from where water beautifully glides down from its sides.


Columbia Basin Basalt Columns for Unique Landscaping


Combining three or more columns of varied heights will create a beautiful setting and add an appealing touch to your garden area, which will be admired by all.

You can create a beautiful setting by installing these columns along with some plants. The lush plants will perfectly compliment these rust columns, making the whole splendor truly mesmerizing.

These basalt columns are equally preferred for their visual appeal and functionality. While these can be turned into wonderful fountains and installed in your garden area, these can also serve as pillars and fencing.

Apart from columns and fountains, we offer an amazing range of other wonderful products crafted from the finest Columbia Basin basalt, such as pavers, sculptures, and benches.

Coverall Stone, Inc. is renowned as a leading supplier of the finest quality basalt columns items. Whether you wish to buy columns, fountains, or other such items to adorn your residential or commercial space, we offer an extensive variety of items to go well with the project you have in mind.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Columbia Basin Basalt Columns


Our efficient and experienced workforce employed at Coverall Stone, Inc. has extensive knowledge about the variations in basalt columns and can assist you in choosing the best option according to your needs. Their knowledge and expertise also makes them ideal to install finest quality basalt columns in any indoor or outdoor area of your house.

For more information about our exclusive collection of Columbia Basin basalt, feel free to visit our store in Seattle or contact us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310.