Gold Creek Basalt


Gold Creek 1

These columns feature a variety of hues and colors ranging including rust, oranges, and silver with bits of black showing through.  You can quite often see swirling patterns in the natural crust.  Gold Creek basalt is typically very columnar in shape, most often in hexagonal form.  As this is a natural product and comes in a variety of shapes and colors, we can almost always find a piece to fit your needs.


Diameter: 8-14”
Length: up to 5'
Weight: ~125 lbs per linear foot             



Gold Creek Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use


Gold Creek basalt, a naturally forming wonder, can be an amazing addition to your landscape, the beauty of which will keep adding charm to the surroundings for a long time.

 Whether you wish to place these in a pond, at the entrance, or in the center of your garden, the gold creek basalt columns offered by Coverall Stone, Inc. will make a great attraction for you and your guests.

 The great orange-red coloration of the gold creek columns have the ability to add contrast and color to many landscape designs.