Grand Coulee Basalt


Grand Coulee Basalt has the classic brown rust color associated with basalt from Washington state. The larger diameter columns are commonly used in commercial water features and landscape design.

Diameter: 18 - 24”
Length: up to 25’
Weight: ~500 lbs per linear foot          


Grand Coulee Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

Grand Coulee basalt columns, owing to their impressive appearance and unique look, are highly preferred by homeowners who wish to add something unique to their indoor or outdoor décor.

Apart from homes, these columns also make an ideal choice for companies, due to their elegant look when polished.  Basalt columns have become immensely popular. These columns formed naturally when millions of years ago lava cooled on the earth’s surface and crystallized in what we call basalt rock.

It is found in many sites in the form of vertical polygons, separated from each other by cracks. This interesting feature makes each and every pillar unique from others and this is also the reason why it intrigues many people.


Grand Coulee Basalt Columns for Unique Landscaping


Basalt columns seem similar in terms of color, but there is a lot of variation. You can notice the difference in color by looking at them closely.

The Grand Coulee basalt columns we offer our customers at Coverall Stone, Inc. are of copper and bronze shades. These can very well compliment any décor or setting, whether it is of dark or light colors.  Due to the shape and size of Grand Coulee basalt columns, these are used extensively to serve a number of purposes. Engraved headstones can be created with these columns.

However, these are also used for making monolithic monuments honoring prestige and prowess. Some other uses of Grand Coulee basalt columns are pillar, fountains, statuary, and the list goes on.

Their rustic appearance and varying shades will definitely appeal to the passersby. There are many interesting ways in which these columns can be used to adorn your garden space or any indoor area.  It can be turned into a wonderful water feature, which will become the center of attraction in the entire space.

The Grand Coulee basalt columns are available in various widths, ranging from 18 to 24 inches. We also offer these columns in different lengths, so that you can choose the best ones which are the most suitable for your project.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Grand Coulee Basalt Columns


At Coverall Stone, Inc., we are well equipped with advanced techniques and procedures, which enable us to deliver products according to the preferences of our clients.

Our professional team has extensive experience and expertise, using which they are able to ensure that our clients are offered only the best quality items.  From sourcing to processing, each and every step is carefully supervised so that the products that reach our customers are of incomparable quality.

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