Mini Basalt Columns

Mini Basalt Columns

The exceptional color of Mini Columns is acquired from the minerals present during formation. Their uncommonly small size makes them easy to handset, whether you are using them as placement stones or retaining walls.

Diameter: 3 - 6”
Length:  up to 80”                                 
Weight:  ~1.2 lbs per linear inch                    








Mini Basalt Fountains

Natural-top-mini-column-cutWe select the perfect mini columns and drill them for use as fountains. The tops come in 3 distinct styles listed below.

Diameter: 3 - 6”
Lengths:   Stocked in
               12” · 18” · 24” · 30”
               36” · 42” · 48”
               custom sizes available
Weight:   ~1.2 lbs per linear inch
Includes: Side fitting and base



Mini Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

People who have a fascination for art and are looking for something unique to add to their home décor will definitely find these Mini Basalt Columns very appealing.

These naturally formed rock columns are a delight to be added to any interior or exterior space. Homeowners love to display these wonderful natural elements in their gardens, where they gel beautifully with rest of the ambiance.

Mini Basalt Columns are formed due to the pooling of lava in some unique way, which lends them their distinctive appearance. We hand mine these columns and then bring these to our processing plant for sorting and further processing.

After going through the whole process, what you get is the perfectly cut and polished mini basalt columns, ready to beautify your garden and indoor areas.

These columns can serve multiple purposes, as you can use these either for their visual appeal or functionality. If used creatively, these can become a center of attraction for your garden or home décor.


Basalt Columns for Birdbaths, Sculptures and More


The mini basalt columns can serve as fountains or can be used as pathway barriers. Apart from these, there are many other uses of these wonderful mini basalt columns which the homeowners can explore according to their interest and preferences.

Small sized basalt columns can be easily placed around flower beds or for decorative purposes. For the convenience of our customers, we drill and fit a stake in every column of 18 inches or above length, which makes it easier for these to be placed anywhere you want.

The stake makes it convenient to be placed in an upright position, thus these can efficiently serve as edging along walkways or patios. The charm and natural appeal these can lend to any surrounding is incomparable to any other material, be it wood or metal.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Mini Basalt Columns


At Coverall Stone, Inc., you can get any quantity of unprocessed mini columns at competitive price. Whatever your project need is, we can supply best quality uncut columns to perfectly match your requirements.

Whatever product you choose, you can rest assured that it has been discreetly sourced and analyzed by our expert professionals holding immense experience in relevant fields.

We pay special attention to the quality and usability of any product before offering it to our customers. It is our aim to keep providing our clients with the most unique and highest quality products, which they can proudly display in their homes.

Check out our vast range of mini basalt columns at our Seattle store or get professional assistance by giving us a call at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310.