Red Bluff BasaltRed-Bluff-Basalt-Column-Fountain

These rusty colored columns are the most widely used of all our basalt. Red Bluff columns are perfect for projects requiring the manageable weight of a smaller column but the appearance of a larger column.

Diameter: 10 - 18”
Length: up to 12’
Weight: ~190 lbs per linear foot           



Red Bluff Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

Basalt columns make a unique and appealing feature when placed in your garden or indoor space, which not only looks beautiful, but transforms the entire look and feel of an area, with its presence.

Coverall Stone, Inc. is your ultimate destination if you also want to beautify your home with these wonderful looking columns.

Red Bluff basalt is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for something distinctive for the outdoor and indoor areas of their home.  It is like a gift of nature that you can bring in your home and completely change the look of any area.


Red Bluff Basalt Columns for Unique Landscaping


These columns are rust in color and look quite elegant when placed against a light background. Even when installed among plants and trees or in the middle of your garden, they will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

The sheer natural beauty and uneven shape of red bluff basalt columns is what makes them so popular. Another reason why these columns are so preferred is because these are not very heavy. Thus, you can easily use them for projects in which you require a sizable column which is also light in weight.

The entrance of your house is a place which should be the most impressive and by placing these wonderful columns there, you can ensure that anyone entering your home will be impressed by the beautiful impact that these will create.

You can either place a single fountain or arrange three columns of varied lengths for a more appealing effect.

If you are wondering about what to place in your garden to make it more appealing, then you can choose from a wide range of red bluff basalt columns and fountains.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Red Bluff Basalt Columns


We have been supplying premium quality red bluff basalt columns for both residential and commercial places and offer a number of choices for you to select from.

Red bluff columns are the most preferred choice among all the options that we offer in terms of basalt columns. We supply these columns in various heights and weights, making it easier for you to choose columns which will go well with your décor.

Our vast collection of basalt columns, along with other items, can be ordered and get delivered at your doorstep at highly competitive prices.

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