Silver Creek Basalt


These columns stand out because of their unique lichen patina. There’s no need for machinery during installation because of their light weight, making them perfect for the
backyard DIY project.

Diameter: 6 - 10”
Length: up to 6’
Weight: ~60 lbs per linear foot    


Silver Creek Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

An extensive range of decorative features is available for you to revamp your garden area or such exterior spaces. However, nothing matches the rustic and natural appeal of basalt columns.

Our amazing range of Silver Creek Columns is sure to lend a charming touch to your home décor with their unmatched beauty.

People who love to spend time outdoors and want to keep their garden looking wonderful all the time are always on the lookout for some interesting features which can be added to their landscape.

Silver Creek Columns have become a prime choice of such homeowners as these can beautify any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Using Silver Creek Columns is a great way to bring any corner of your garden to life. Making innovative use of these wonderful columns can transform the look of any area and make it the most significant part of your landscape.


Silver Creek Basalt Columns for Unique Landscaping


If you wish to add a water feature to your garden, then consider installing one made up of these amazing Silver Creek Columns. The pleasant sound of water slowly riding down these columns will create an amazing splendor that you can enjoy for hours.

Even if you wish to enhance any indoor space, then these columns can be used in a number of ways to give a new look to your indoor setting.

What makes these Silver Creek Columns so preferable, apart from their magnificent appearance, is their light weight. These can be easily transported and installed without requiring much help and give a new look to your home décor.

You can get these in a variety of sizes to match your project needs. The unique shape of every column ensures that whatever setting you create is exceptional.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Mini Basalt Columns


Coverall Stone, Inc. offers you a huge variety of silver creek columns, sourced and processed by our skillful experts. We take pride in providing innovative designed high quality products to our clients, according to their specific needs.

Silver Creek Columns is a highly popular product, recognized for its natural appearance and charm.  Each and every step of the process, from sourcing to delivering these columns at your doorstep is supervised by our team.

Apart from ensuring impressive visual appeal of columns, we pay special attention to their quality, and this is the reason that makes our products so well recognized and appreciated by our esteemed clients.

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