Custom Granite Paving

Custom-GraniteCoverall Stone has the ability to satisfy all sizes of custom granite projects in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Whether your project calls for paving material, a custom bench, or a water feature, we’ll guide you through the process from the initial quote, to final delivery, ensuring the material you receive is just as you envisioned. To get your quote follow the 4 easy steps below and then request your quote.



Other colors are available upon request. Contact us for details.


1. Pick a Color

6" x 6" samples available in various finishes.
Golden Ore
Midnight Black
Dark Grey
Salt & Pepper


Custom-Granite-22. Determine your dimensions & style

The size of your granite can vary from a small cobble for a driveway to a large block for a retaining wall. Determine your square footage needed, taking into account some overage.


3. Choose a finish for your project

The finish used will be determined by your usage. Typically the Chisel, Flame, Bush Hammer and Rake finishes are used outdoors to take advantage of their no slip properties. Polish and Hone finishes are usually used indoors where their finish complements interior design. Free samples are available for each color in all finishes.




4. Submit your project for a quote.

A delivered quote for your project will be emailed to you within one business day in most cases. If approved, we will work with you through the completion of the project.


Custom Granite Paving for Walkways, Driveways and Decks

If you are planning to revamp the exteriors of your house, then choosing a new surface material would definitely be on your list. Whether it is the driveway, porch, walkway or patio, you can completely transform any place by installing wonderful looking and extremely durable granite paving.

Although a large number of options are available for paving, granite has managed to impress many with its appearance and favorable qualities.

Granite is well known for its potency, hardness and durability and these are the properties which make it the perfect paving material. It does not have any artificial coloring that can fade, nor does it have the man made mixture of gravel and cement, which generally breaks down after some time.


Stone Paving Combines Elegance and Durability


Granite pavers, if installed properly, are almost indestructible. Thus granite pavers are considered as a long-term solution for anyone who is in search of pavements, which can last for many decades and beyond.

Granite pavers are exceptionally obscure and resilient, thus making these just perfect for vigorous applications as well. Their expediency, along with a vast range of colors, sizes and textures make it an ideal natural paving material for interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial projects.

Some of the companies also offer custom granite pavers in particular sizes for baffling design projects or commercial builds.

Custom granite paving is a perfect way to get the best paving option, which is now available in a wide variety of sizes and several colors to choose from.

Granite, like Bluestone, is a more rigid material, as compared to concrete and sandstone. Granite paving is available in two surface textures, normal and flamed, from which you can choose one as per your preference.


Grainite Pavers in a Variety of Styles and Sizes


Coverall Stone Inc. is a well-known name, providing the best paving material in the industry. We offer custom granite paving service as well, and mainly three types of finishes are available to choose from, these are natural, flamed or polished.

As we understand the requirements and demands of our clients well, thus we can guide you the best about designing and installation of granite paving.

Our granite pavers are known for their durability and are well appreciated for their design flexibility and resistance towards heat and moisture.

If you want to know more about custom granite paving options, feel free to contact us so that you can actually have a glimpse of the wide variety available. We are available at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310.