Custom Stone Work for Stone Signs and Markers

Coverall Stone’s team of artisans is a diverse group that has pooled their myriad backgrounds and experiences, enabling us to provide you with a unique perspective in the design process. We can cut, core, polish, chisel, engrave and grind your ideal water feature into a truly stand-alone piece that is a cut above the rest.

In addition to water features we create beautiful and timeless pieces, from simple etchings, wine racks and benches, to the more elaborate monuments and memorials. The only real limit to what we can do is your imagination itself. Once you have a design in mind, send us your drawings or sketches and we will consult our fabrication shop on what it will take to make your idea come to life. Quote turnaround time is usually same or next day.

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When it comes to adorning your landscape, adding natural stone work is one of the best ways to append serene beauty to the outside space, and at the same time, it also increases the charm and value of your house.

These can be used to make walls, walkways, patios, pavers, different landscape designs and many more things.  The options available to you in term of stone work designs and items are incredible and the best part is that you can also go for custom stone works.

These products are timeless, and reliable, assuring incomparable strength and class, and the added benefit is that all this is done as per your preferences and specifications.


Landscape Stone to Create Unique Outdoor Gates and Pillars


Stone work has now become a preferred option for landscapes, primarily due to its aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for something unique for your exteriors, then natural stone is a benchmark in quality.

These wonderful items last for a lifetime and can withstand different weather conditions without losing their appeal.  A wide array of options is available in stone works which make these a preferred choice for landscaping. From color to texture, a large variety is available for you to choose from.

You can add stone work to your garden in the form of walls, walkways, patios, pavers, and different landscape designs as well. The custom stone work service makes it possible to choose a design as per the setting of your garden or your personal preference.

Whether you like warm pink sandstone or cobalt blue stone, you can surely find something to complement your landscape well.

In services like custom stone work, a lot of importance is given to your ideas, concerns, and suggestions and by incorporating the skills and expertise of the experts, something innovative and appealing is created for your garden.


Stone Columns for Outdoor Fountains


Coverall Stone, Inc. can be a great help for you to integrate natural stone work into your landscape. The use of high quality materials is our main strength, which enables us to provide products which are highly durable and having qualities like weather proof and water-resistance.

We have an eye for subtle details which makes our products truly exceptional and a great choice to beautify your landscape.

Our experts are always keen to help you in the entire process of getting custom stone work. For any type of guidance or information, you can contact us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 or visit our showroom in Seattle.