Basalt and Granite Paving

Basalt tiles & pavers provide a beautiful and unique alternative to your everyday paving material. You can browse our stock items below and custom sizes are available, contact us for a quote.




Paver Stones for Walkways, Driveways and Decks


Basalt-SlabsAt Coverall Stone, we know how much of a physical, mental as well as financial investment residential and commercial property owners make in acquiring and developing their property.

Every property owner is looking to get the most value out of their investments, be it in terms of style or functionality. The right basalt and granite pavers can give your property the natural and stylish look it deserves.

The immense strength of these pavers makes them an excellent solution for residential and commercial property owners who are looking to spruce up their driveway.

Basalt and granite pavers can withstand immense amounts of weight, making them a perfectly functional addition to your home’s design scheme.


Stone Pavers Provide Elegance and Durability


Basalt and granite pavers also enjoy great popularity with residential and commercial property owners who are looking to install or revamp their swimming pools.


Basaltpaving-tiles honedThe unpolished variants of these pavers provide excellent grip and traction, helping residential and commercial property owners make sure that no one residing or visiting their property has an injury caused by slippage on a wet stone surface.

With a variety of colors, Coverall Stone’s basalt and granite pavers can be used to greatly enhance the existing or new design scheme, allowing the residential and commercial property owners to make sure their property looks exactly as stylish as they choose.

Coverall Stone’s basalt and granite pavers are also popular with those residential property owners who like to host cookouts and barbecues, since these pavers can also be implemented in outdoor barbecues.

The extreme levels of heat that can be tolerated by granite make it an ideal ingredient in the construction of these barbecues. These pavers, being natural insulators of heat, make sure that the elevated temperatures within the barbecue remain contained in it and do not escape outside, wasting precious fuel and risking any burn related injuries as well.

One of the biggest selling points of Coverall Stone’s basalt and granite pavers is that these pavers are available in a wide array of shades, textures and finishes.

With these abilities, Coverall Stone Inc. makes it possible for you to fashion your granite pavers into the exact look you think complements your property the best.


Basalt and Granite Pavers Enhance Landscaping

Granite-pavingOur team of basalt and granite paver installers is well experienced with a multitude of design options for various property types and can help you in making a choice if you need it.

So residential and commercial property owners can now get the best basalt and granite pavers for their property by getting in touch with us.

Just give us a call at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 and we will make sure that your home receives the perfect basalt and granite pavers to make it look stylish, be functional and still be affordable in the process.