Basalt Paving 

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Basalt tiles & pavers provide a beautiful and unique alternative to your everyday paving material. Stocked items are pictured on this page, with custom sizes available upon request. Call or e-mail for your quote today.




¾” Flamed Basalt Tile
12 X 12”
12 x 24”
24 x 24”
24 x 36”
Weight: ~12 lb. / sq. ft

½”Honed Basalt Tile

12 x 24”
24 x 24”
24 x 36”
Weight: ~8 lb. / sq. ft

Basalt Hex Paver flamed & polished
10 - 18” diam.
18 - 24” diam.
Weight: ~24 lb. / sq. ft

2” Flamed Basalt Paver
8 x 8”
8 x 16”
16 x 16”
16 x 24”
Weight: ~32 lb. / sq. ft

Basalt Stair flamed all sides
15 x 48 x 5 ½”
Weight: ~430 lb.

Basalt Step flamed top
24” dia. x 6” thick
Weight: ~250 lb.



Basalt Paver Stones for Walkways, Driveways and Decks

At Coverall Stone, we know that the basalt has been a popular choice as a decorative ingredient for decorators, whether they specialize in interiors or exteriors.

Basalt is extremely popular because of the definitive elegance it brings to the ambience it is a part of. Due to its natural origin, formed by the cooling of basaltic lava, basalt has a unique texture and appearance, which compliments a very vast variety of design schemes, so no matter what look you are deciding on for your home, basalt is always a good investment.

One use of basalt in particular which Coverall Stone’s clinets are a big fan of is its use in the highlighting of various features of the property, like landscaping and the like.

Since its origin is natural, basalt is also extremely durable. Basalt slabs are used for a variety of architectural purposes, be it for highlighting flower beds or vegetable gardens, or even for the construction of many a water fountain or statue as well.

Basalt’s texture forms an excellent complement to these designs, helping in drawing attention to all their highlights.


Pavers Stones Provide Elegance and Durability

We at Coverall Stone favor this particular material since it permits years of durability in its utilization. People can get numerous years of utilization from basalt, whether for a statue or even a parking garage.

The unique texture and dark color of basalt slabs additionally allows for clear visibility of the road while driving, especially at night. This makes them a great addition to the driveways in the household, adding an element of sophistication to the impression you make on those visiting your home.

With their durable nature and easy maintenance, one of the primary uses of basalt slabs is in the arena of home design improvement. Since it looks good and adds an outdoorsy texture to the design scheme, many homeowners opt for basalt as an effective pool coping stone or even for decorating walls.

It is far more durable than other alternatives which include relatively cheaper and more fragile materials, like porcelain and ceramics. Since it is much tougher, it allows the homeowner to recover their costs by significantly limiting the need for replacement and repair.


Stone Pavers in a Variety of Styles and Sizes

Natural materials, like basalt, are becoming more prominent since they can effectively stand the test of endurance.

As opposed to pursuing the established trends and spending a large amount of money on antiquated appearing construction material, using a construction ingredient like basalt slabs in your landscaping, pools, walls and tiles means you can effectively revel in many years of benefits that the basalt fixtures bring you.

So get your home’s design the style and elegance it deserves by getting in touch with Coverall Stone Inc., who will bring your home the very latest styles of basalt applications, allowing it to make an everlasting impression on all those who visit.