Basalt Slabs


We create our Basalt Slabs by slicing large basalt columns and applying a polished or flamed finish to the top. The natural crust can either be left on the long edge of the slab or it can be a polished, flamed or chiseled finish. Call for a custom quote if you do not see the size you need listed below.

Counter Tops
Dimensions: ~26 x 72”
Thickness: 3 cm
Weight: ~19 lbs/sq.ft.

Stocked Slab
Dimensions: 24 -28” x 72 - 96”
2” (32 lbs/sq.ft)
3” (48 lbs/sq.ft)
4” (64 lbs/sq.ft)

Custom Slabs
Call for a quote on custom sized slabs. Large sizes available.


3cm Polished Slab
3” Flamed Slab
2” Polished Slab



Basalt Slabs for Custom Table Tops

The look and feel of basalt is attractive and engaging to many people. This, however, is not something that is surprising to us at Coverall Stone.

We know that many people love the look and feel which basalt brings to their homes. Adding a unique class and wealthy feel to the ambience of their property, basalt brings a whole host of benefits to the commercial and residential property owners who choose to incorporate it into the design scheme of their household.

Given its extreme levels of durability and resistance to heat, the experts at Coverall Stone Inc. bring to our customers the option to enjoy its benefits at prices that will not make you reach for the stars.

We have seen a distinct rise in the number of commercial and residential property owners who want to change their existing ceramic tile work for the aesthetic as well as utilitarian benefits of getting a basalt installation in their property.


Stone Countertops for Indoor and Outdoor Use


Basalt paving is also extremely popular among Coverall Stone’s customers. Many of our customers have told us that getting basalt slabs and planks has been an excellent addition to their homes.

Coverall Stone’s basalt slabs and planks are to a great degree extremely sturdy, making them ideal for utilization in regions with high levels of activity.

They can be implemented in walkways, patios, porches, courtyards as well as the interiors of residential or commercial structures. They are sure to last commercial and residential property owners a lifetime with their sturdy build quality.

This is the reason they are extremely popular in their use as a construction ingredient of structures, which last for many years on end.

Many commercial and residential property owners decide to get basalt slabs and planks installed around their swimming pools because of the way basalt resists any form of water damage.

These basalt slabs and planks, if unpolished, are extremely resistant to any form of slipping, allowing the critical amount of traction required for those in and around the pool. This makes them some of the safest sort of slabs and planks, which can be placed around the pool’s edge, thereby eliminating risking anyone’s safety.


Basalt Planks Available in a Variety of Sizes


Coverall Stone’s basalt slabs and planks also find great favor with commercial and residential property owners who wish to impart a unique style to their property.

With an almost infinitesimal combination of colors, shades and finishes to choose from, Coverall Stone’s customers can give their property the exact design scheme they want, matching their requirements perfectly, be it functional, aesthetic or monetary.

So give us a call and we will send you an expert to show you how basalt slabs and pranks can turn your home into the epitome of style and functionality, all well within your budget.