Cut Pebble Tile

Cut-Pebble-Tile-1This striking line of pebble tile is composed of stones that are double cut, tumbled and attached to the mesh backing. The shape of the stone is visibly retained yet a flat surface is created. Desirable in any application that requires a flat surface.

Sizes: 12 x 12”
Weight: ~4 lb.
Packing: 11 pcs. / box




Cut Aqua
 Cut Black
Cut Ivory
Cut-Pebble-Tile-Cut-Aqua  Cut-Pebble-Tile-Cut-Black  Cut-Pebble-Tile-Cut-Ivory
Cut Green
Cut Mixed
Cut Tan
 Cut-Pebble-Tile-Cut-Green Cut-Pebble-Tile-Cut-Mixed  Cut Pebble Tile Cut-Tan
Cut Cherry Cut Olive Cut Red
 Cut Pebble Tile Cut-Cherry Cut Pebble Tile Cut-Olive  Cut Pebble Tile Cut-Red 
Cut White Cut Yellow
Cut Pebble Tile Cut-White Cut Pebble Tile Cut-Yellow

Cut Pebble Tile Applications * Entryways, Walkways and Decks

If you are looking for an option to adorn your home décor, which offers good functionality, aesthetic appeal, and distinctiveness, then cut pebble tiles make a perfect choice, matching your every requirement.

Our team at Coverall Stone, Inc. is always creating something innovative for our clients and cut pebble tiles is one such addition to our extensive collection of pebble tiles which has emerged as a preferred choice of many.

Pebbles used for creating cut pebble tiles are sliced from both sides, to give the tile a uniform and flat surface. The pebbles are precisely cut to ensure even height and create a completely flat surface to conveniently walk on.

These tiles are ideal to be used as flooring in bathroom and kitchen, as well as for countertops.Cut pebble tiles are primarily famous for their distinctive appeal. Natural pebbles, cut across the grain, reveal their inner design and texture.

As no two stones have the same size or pattern, every tile is different and one of a kind.

The ever increasing popularity of cut pebble tiles can be accredited to many factors. These tiles are not only pleasing to look at, but are high in functionality due to their smooth and even surface.

Cut pebble tiles can be installed in any area where you require a flat surface but want to add a natural touch as well. The joints in between tiles are not prominent and are superbly concealed by the unique interlocking pattern of these tiles, thus making the entire setting appearcompletely seamless.

When it comes to selecting surface material for your home, pebble tiles emerge as a better option due to its several favorable qualities.

Pebble tiles are durable, free from wear, and easy to maintain. Once installed, you do not have to spend much on their maintenance and these can keep beautifying your home for many years.

Coverall Stone, Inc. has been serving its clients by offering unique and wonderful items, at extremely reasonable prices. We always strive to come up with new ideas and designs which rate high in terms of appearance, uniqueness, and usability.

Our expertise lies in sourcing best quality materials and creating innovative items of high quality. Cut pebble tiles offered by us are available in unique patterns and various colors, including amber, aqua, black, charcoal, green, and ivory.

Their subtle and soothing shades will lend a charming appeal to your home décor which will be admired by all.

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