Mosaic Pebble Tile

Mosaic-Pebble-Tile Red

Kind to bare feet, these smooth and uniquely angular stones create a pleasant natural patterning across large surfaces. Commonly used as flooring inside and out, this mesh-backed product is also great for wall-cladding and back splashes.

Sizes: 12 x 12”
Weight: ~4 lb.
Packing: 11 pcs. / box



Mosaic Emerald
Mosaic Grey
Mosaic Ivory
Mosaic Black
Mosaic Yellow
Mosaic Terracotta
Mosaic Red
Mosaic Onyx
Mosaic Pebble Tile Mosaic-Onyx
Mosaic Tan
Mosaic Pebble Tile Mosaic-Tan


Mosaic Tile Applications * Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

People these days are constantly looking for unique and innovative things to make their landscape look more attractive; one such option which adds a totally different dimension to your landscape is mosaic tiles.

An amazing variety of these tiles is available to add appeal and a strong character to your garden. These landscaping materials can easily be used in various methods, as these are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Mosaic tiles are made up of stone, which is sliced and tumbled to give its edges a smooth finish. The rounded pieces of stone are then arranged in a unique pattern, which is sorted into different sectors by large grout lines.

These pieces are then glued together on the base of a net. The grout lines make the tiles less slippery, and thus making these an ideal choice for the staircase, pavers etc.


Pebble Tile is Available in a Variety of Colors


The pebbles and stones used in these tiles are of different shapes, sizes and colors. The wide range of colors available in these tiles makes it an ideal choice for any household, whether contemporary or traditional.

This amazing variety makes it possible for you to choose the tiles as per the look and architecture of your landscape. Apart from this, these tile shave an added advantage of being quite easy to install, which decreases the overall costs also.

Installing mosaic tiles is a great way of making your home exteriors and even interiors look more attractive and appealing, and with a little creativity during the installation process, you can surely turn your landscape into a unique space.

These tiles are also very easy to clean, and if maintained properly, these can keep adorning your home exteriors for a very long time.


Pebble Stone Tile Is Easy to Install With Our Interlocking Pattern


Coverall Stone Inc. is one name which can surely help you get the best mosaic tiles to match your preferences. We incorporate our skills and years of experience to refine our catalogue to ensure that we stock the best quality products, and that too at the most affordable price.

We work with the aim of providing our customers with a pleasant purchasing experience that can help them create their own little oasis.

Mosaic tiles are available in various sizes at our Seattle store and as the stones are fixed to a mesh backing, you will not face any problem in installing these. For any assistance or query, feel free to contact us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310.