Stone Furniture


Stone Benches, tables and chairs add a natural look to any landscape, patio or backyard escape. Basalt furniture combines the rustic crust of basalt columns with a deep black polish to create an elegant line of furnishings.

Granite benches are available in 5 colors with polished tops and chiseled sides. Custom Sizes and styles available.






Stone Furniture is Elegant and Durable


Natural material, like stone, can be used in a number of creative ways to add to the beauty and charm of your home d├ęcor. Stone is commonly used for making fountains, statues, and other items of big and small sizes, which people love to place in their gardens.

A relatively new and amazing trend, which is catching up fast with homeowners, is to create furniture from stone. You can place this furniture outdoors or indoors and it is assured to complement any ambiance beautifully.

Stone furniture is definitely a hassle free option, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Ease of maintenance and less chances of getting damaged make stone a highly favorable material for creating furniture which you can place in your garden, patio, or even inside your house.

Stone Table and Stone Patio Sets


Their irregular shapes make every furniture piece unique and distinctive. Stone benches, tables, and chairs will blend so wonderfully with the rest of the elements in your garden, making it seem like a part of the entire setting.

Apart from its appealing and distinctive shape, stone furniture is popular for its immense beneficial qualities. Unlike iron or other metals, stone does not rust. It does not fade and can keep its beauty and appeal intact in every kind of weather condition.

It requires considerably less maintenance as compared to furniture made of wood or metal. Rather than fading and losing its appeal, it will keep adorning your garden area for a long time, looking even more exquisite with each passing day.

Stone Seats and Stone Benches * Accents for Your Landscaping


At Coverall Stone, Inc., we have a premium collection of furniture made from stone, such as granite and basalt. Our team of skilled and proficient experts is capable of creating amazing furniture from stone. They combine their experience and knowledge to create designs that are high in both functionality and elegance.

To offer our customers stone furniture of the highest quality, we source stones from various regions and bring these to our plant for further processing. Each and every stone piece is chosen, cut, shaped and polished, to bring out its natural beauty.

After this whole procedure, the stone pieces are combined and transformed into a wonderful piece of furniture, ready to enhance the appeal of your garden or any indoor area.

Step into our store at Seattle or give us a call at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 to browse the stone furniture options we have lined up for you.