Basalt Furniture


We cut and polish different facets of raw basalt columns to create our elegant line of basalt furniture.  The polished black and rustic crust of these furnishings contrasts beautifully adding and artistic touch to your project. If you have your own idea for piece of basalt furniture let us know, we can bring most ideas to fruition.

Basalt Column Bench Basalt Full Cut Bench Basalt Half Cut Bench
Basalt Column Bench
Sku: B-B-CO
Basalt Full Cut Bench
Sku: B-B-FC
Basalt Half Cut Bench
Sku: B-B-HC
Basalt Table and Chairs Basalt Low Cut Bench Basalt Slab Bench
Basalt Table and Chairs
Sku: B-FR-TC
Basalt Low Cut Bench
Sku: B-B-LC
Basalt Slab Bench
Sku: B-B-SL
Basalt High Back Chair Basalt Seat   
Basalt High Back Chair
Sku: B-FR-HB
 Basalt Seat
Sku: B-FR-S

Basalt Furniture for Your Patio, Courtyard or Garden

Your garden is a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature. Make sure you enhance the appeal of this beautiful area by placing in it the most exquisite pieces of furniture.

At Coverall Stone, Inc., our expertise lies in carving basalt columns into artistic furniture pieces that are completely unique in their design and shape.

Basalt furniture is completely different from anything that people are usually accustomed to seeing. These trend setting pieces of furniture are unique and highly functional and these are the reasons accredited for their immense popularity.

Stone Furniture is Elegant and Durable

Rather than using furniture made from iron, wood, or plastic, which are not only tough to maintain but very less durable as well, basalt furniture is an ideal addition that will transform your garden into a retreat for any nature lover.

These furniture pieces are ideal to place in any corner of your garden and turn it into your favorite place to sit and relax.

Basalt is a naturally formed material, and as compared to other materials, such as wood and metal, basalt furniture is much easier to maintain.  It is free from issues of rotting, fading, or wearing, which are commonly experienced when you place wooden or iron furniture in any outdoor space. Even extreme weather conditions will not be able to damage its surface.

We, at Coverall Stone, Inc., have an extensive collection of furniture pieces beautifully crafted from basalt columns. You can choose from basalt chairs, seats, and tables available in a great variety of designs, styles, and sizes.

Basalt columns are cut into desired shapes and then polished to give them a complete and elegant look. Their smooth top is in direct contrast with the rugged and unfinished surface, lending a distinctive appeal to the furniture.

Stone Patio Set * Stone Table and Chairs

You can buy benches and seats separately or order a complete set of seats along with a table. Whatever your preferences or choice is, we at Coverall Stone, Inc. have something to cater to your every need.

Even if you are looking for something completely unique or have a creative idea of your own, we can create a custom piece exactly matching the design that you have in mind.

Our competent team has the required expertise and knowledge for coming up with designs that are high in both visual appeal and usability.

Take a look at our basalt furniture and custom items to choose from at our store or feel free to call us at (877) 779-9553 for any information.