Granite Benches

Granite-Bench dark-grey

Our granite benches look sharp and are easy to install. They are stocked in 5 colors with a height of ~17" and a width of 14". Bench tops are available in 4' and 6' lengths and come with a polished top and a chiseled finish on the sides. See our custom granite colors on page 40 to create your own bench.


Salt--Pepper-Classic Dark-Grey-Classic


Salt & Pepper Classic
Sku: G-B-CL-SP
Dark Grey Classic
Sku: G-B-CL-DG
Midnight Black Classic
Sku: G-B-CL-MB



Salmon-Classic Golden-Ore-Classic
Salmon Classic
Sku: G-B-CL-SL
Golden Ore Classic
Sku: G-B-CL-GO



A Granite Bench for Your Patio, Courtyard or Garden

While looking for outdoor furniture, you primarily need to emphasize its design and material, as it should be able to withstand extreme temperature conditions and still retain its look and appeal.

Granite, being a highly strong and durable material, is the apt choice for creating furniture which can be placed in your garden, without worrying much about its maintenance.

A bench, placed in any corner of your garden, offers you a place to sit and admire the beauty of lush surroundings for as longs as you desire. Make sure that you choose a piece which is pleasing to look at and long lasting.

The beauty of granite benches lies in their ability to not let time take away its charm appeal and elegance. Unlike wood or metal, granite benches do not require much care or regular refinishing.


Stone Furniture is Elegant and Durable


It will not fade or look worn out; instead, its rustic appeal will lend an enigmatic touch to the whole ambiance. Its value will not lessen with time, but it will be a wonderful feature, enhancing the value of your property.

Granite benches are available in various colors and muted tones and you can pick any color that you think will complement the existing ambiance of your garden area the best.

Depending on your preference, you can select a color that will gel with the surroundings or stand apart due to its contrasting appearance.  If you are looking for beauty, comfort, and value for your money, then choosing granite benches for your outdoors is a decision that you will be always proud of.

At Coverall Stone, Inc., we offer you an exclusive range of granite benches, classified into two types – classic and modern granite benches. The classic granite bench range has a sawn bottom, complimented beautifully by polished top, along with two pedestals.


Stone Seats and Stone Benches * Accents for Your Landscaping


You can get these benches in black, salmon, and salt & pepper color ranges. The modern granite bench consists of benches with a matching seat and slotted legs. This collection is available in two colors – salt & pepper and black.

Our team has been working effortlessly to provide our customers with only the best in terms of services and products. No matter what style or color of granite bench you choose to display in your garden, you can rest assured that it will become an integral part of your landscape, beautifying your exteriors for a long time.

For more information about our exclusive selection of granite benches, visit our store or call us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310.