Chiseled Granite Lights

These squared off, chiseled granite lights are the perfect mix of the classic and rustic styles. Available in Dark Grey or Salt & Pepper, we stock 3 different diameters, 2 heights each. Call us for custom sizing.


Chiseled-Granite-Lights-4-Square-Granite Chiseled-Granite-Lights-6-Square-Granite Chiseled-Granite-Lights-12-Square-Granite
4“ Square Granite
Light, Chiseled
Heights: 10” and 15”
6 “ Square Granite
Light, Chiseled
Heights: 20” and 30”
12“ Square Granite
Light, Chiseled
Heights: 36” and 48”



Chiseled Granite Lights For Patios, Gate Entries and Driveways

Homeowners spend substantial time on making sure that the exterior of their house is stunning to look at. They concentrate on such key essentials as the architectural details and gorgeous landscaping.

But people often fail to consider something that can make their house stand out after the sunset as well. Eminent outdoor landscape lighting can turn your house into a sparkler that gleams after dark, and for this, one perfect type of landscape lighting are chiseled granite lights.

These are made up of rough granite; thus, you can see a perfect blend of rustic material and modern design in your garden. This works in a perfect way to give an amazing look to your patio, driveway or landscape feature.

As far as the beauty and durability is concerned, nothing can beat granite. The best part is, chiseled granite lights will not degrade like wood lighting fixtures.


Stone Lights Can Double as Bollards and Car Barriers


Our chiseled granite lights can be used on commercial property to line walkways and parking lots. Because of the natural durability of granite, chiseled grante lights can also act as bollards and car barriers within your parking lot.

These versatile granite lights can be used near the garden beds, along the pathways, or at the corners to give a mystifying effect to the whole landscape. A combination of small and large chiseled granite lights can give a mysterious touch to your residential or commercial property.


Outdoor Landscape Lights to Enhance Your Yard and Garden


Coverall Stone, Inc. carries an extensive line of chiseled granite lights which are available in a variety of sizes and styles. With our custom production facility, we can also design the lighting fixtures according to your specifications and requirements.

Whether you are going for a complete renovation or looking for some restoration ideas, we can help you find the right chiseled granite lights that will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden.

If you can call us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 or you can visit our store in Seattle to have a glance at the wide range of chiseled granite lights we offer.