Polished Granite Lights

Our Round Granite Lights are brought to a fine polish for a very refined, classic look. Available in Dark Grey or Salt & Pepper in 3 different diameters and 2 heights each. Call us for custom sizing.


Polished-Granite-Lights-4-Round-Granite Polished-Granite-Lights-6-Round-Granite Polished-Granite-Lights-12-Round-Granite
4” Round Granite
Light, Polished
Heights: 10” and 15”
6” Round Granite
Light, Polished
Heights: 20” and 30”
12” Round Granite
Light, Polished
Heights: 36” and 48”


Polished Granite Lights For Patios, Gate Entries and Driveways

Outdoor lighting is a trend quite popular among homeowners and business owners looking for a way to enhance the beauty of their landscape. It is one of the best ways by which you can add dramatic improvements to the exterior of your home or business.

Investing in contemporary outdoor lighting is a smart decision. Among the long list of lights available for you to choose from, one name which is quite prominent is the polished granite lights.

The professionally installed outdoor lighting systems increase the value, as well as the beauty of your property. By installing these lights along the walkways or driveway, you can lend a warm and alluring look to your landscape. The lighting will be subtle and functional.

As the name suggests, these lights are made up of polished granite, and thus have a very shiny surface. The polishing process of granite involves putting these in an automated conveyor system, after which the granite goes through a finishing process.

Then the granite moves to a series of polishing wheels, which are fitted with coarse abrasive pads as well as the polishing pads. These pads rub against the granite and also provide the surface a smooth finish.

Polishing the granite gives a depth to the whole light, as the polished surface appears richer and darker. Moreover, the polished lights are quite easy to maintain.


Stone Lights Can Double as Bollards and Car Barriers


A string of small polished granite lights is also a good way of brightening a bend along the aisle. You can use the polished granite lights to lead guests to your front door by placing these along the walkway.  Stone lights placed along the perimeter of a commercial parking lot can also be effective bollards and car barriers.

A combination of small and large polished granite lights can also be used to add drama to your landscape by spotlighting a particular tree or any other focal point of your garden.

These lights are available in different widths and heights, so that you can choose the one which complements your garden in the best way.


Outdoor Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Yard and Garden


Coverall Stone, Inc. is a leading name in landscape lighting. With our experience of many years in this field, we know how to help you achieve your landscape lighting goals.

We believe in providing the superior quality lights to our clients at affordable rates and in the least time possible. We offer these polished granite lights in black and salt & pepper.

These round and polished lights are just perfect for giving a clean and modern look to your landscape.

For further details, you can contact us at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 or visit our store in Seattle.