Dish Rocks / Polished Bowls   


Basalt-Dish-RockThe dish and pillow effect of these columns make for excellent one of a kind water features, birdbaths and placement stones.
Polished Bowls come dished out and polished with a flat cut base.  Great for use as a birdbaths, fountains and sinks.


Diameter: 10 - 18”
Weight: ~200lb.


Diameter: 18 - 24”
Weight: ~450 lb.


Diameter: 24 - 30”
Weight: ~800 lb.


Larger sizes are available.



Dish Rock is Perfect for Creating a Unique Water Feature   

A naturally forming material, basalt can be used in a number of ways for creating unique and interesting décor pieces. From columns to fountains, plenty of options are available to bring the beauty of basalt into your home. One such amazing use of basalt is for creating dish rocks.

The amazing basalt dish rocks are formed under some specific conditions, which make them so rare and distinct. These dish rocks are also called reflecting pools and bird baths.

These are the result of some rare intrusions that take place among basalt columns and we source these dished structures to add an appealing touch to your home décor.

The basalt dish rocks make a unique water feature, which will definitely grab the attention of everyone. Their natural and rustic appeal, along with their unusual shape, is what makes them so popular among homeowners.


Stone Bird Bath from a Natural Dish Rock


Basalt dish rocks can be ideally placed in your garden and provide a perfect place for birds to come and sit on its edges. These shallow bowls, although, store only a small amount of water, only a few inches, but these are great for attracting winged friends to your garden space.

Generally, the dish rocks can vary in diameter, ranging from 18 to 30 inches. These are available in varying heights and make it easier for you to choose according to your choice. You can choose a dish rock of the most suitable height and width to aptly suit the purpose or go well with the setting in which you wish to place it.

You can also get these in a more deep and polished form, which looks extremely elegant and appealing.

To create a more interesting setting, you can also combine these dish rocks with basalt fountains and give a completely new look to any corner of your landscape.

Using more than one bowl of varied diameters, like combining a big bowl with two or three smaller bowls will also create an impressive feature to adorn any outdoor space.


Polished Basalt Bowls for Indoor or Outdoor Use


At Coverall Stone, Inc., we excel at sourcing and providing the finest quality basalt items at highly competitive prices. We employ advanced procedures and tools to create unique décor pieces, which are highly innovative and functional.

Our customers rely on our integrity and professional approach to deliver the highest rated products, aptly matched to their preferences and budget.

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