Polished Pebble Tile


Polished Pebble can be used to enhance even the most impressive installations. The juxtaposition of stone and shine allow this tile to span the contemporary to classic spectrum of design. Smooth and clean this is a truly beautiful stone tile.

Sizes: 12 x 12”
Weight: ~4 lb.
Packing: 11 pcs. / box


Polished Black
Polished Mixed
Polished Red
Polished Stripe
Polished Yellow
Polished White
Polished Olive

Polished Pebble Tile Applications * Entryways, Walkways and Decks

Lustrous pebbles, arranged in a beautiful setting, are an apt choice to add an elegant and sophisticated element to your home décor. If you want to make a style statement and impress your guests with the polished pebble tiles, then we at Coverall Stone, Inc. have an amazing variety available for you.

Black, red, white, and yellow are the most prominent colors used for making polished pebble tiles. These can go well with any décor and make the whole area seem much more appealing.

If you want to create a warm and earthy feel, then pick up colors like brown, green, and gold. For creating a more traditional look, you should choose subtle and light tones, which are not too loud.



Pebble Tile is Available in a Variety of Colors and Sizes


On other hand, if you are looking for tiles to match your contemporary décor , then black, white, cream and grew colors will make a wonderful choice.

Apart from these, we also offer mixed and striped polished tiles to beautify your home with something unique and innovative. Mixed tiles are created by using two or three colors, giving a coordinated, yet distinctive appearance to the tiles.

Striped tiles combine pebbles, which have unique patterns and stripes on them. Their varying designs and shades make them a visual delight for you and your guests to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The wonderful polished finish of these tiles brings out the radiance and color of the pebbles, making them even more alluring and attractive. These tiles are more preferred for contemporary settings, but these can look equally beautiful when installed in a traditional décor as well.

Their lustrous appearance can lend an elegant and appealing touch, bringing even the most ignored corner of your home to life. The interlocking pattern of polished pebble tiles gives a seamless appearance.

The versatility of polished pebble tiles makes these an amazing choice to beautify any corner of your home, brilliantly complementing the existing décor style and color scheme.


Pebble Stone Tile * Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Showers


At Coverall Stone, Inc., we have an amazing range of polished tiles to match the taste of diverse clients. You can get these polished pebble tiles in varied colors and sizes, depending on your requirements.

We make sure to provide you the best quality tiles, which are both appealing and durable.

Our range of polished pebble tiles will definitely appeal to you. We discreetly sort out pebbles on the basis of their color, thickness, and size and create beautiful looking tiles, which can become a great addition to your home décor.

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