Porcelain Pebble Tile


Kiln fired ceramic shapes are handset on a mesh backing, bearing similarities to our pebble tile lines. From vibrant blues to stark blacks and whites, this series is versatile enough to use in the kitchen or the backyard pool deck.

Sizes: 11 x 11”
Weight: ~2 lb.
Packing: 12 pcs. / box
            (10 sq. ft.)


Porcelain Arctic White
Porcelain Ocean
Porcelain Jet Black
Porcelain Sea Mist
Porcelain Matte Black
Porcelain Sunset
Porcelain Coral
Porcelain Cobalt
Porcelain Antique Bronze
Porcelain Mixed Copper

Porcelain Pebble Tile Applications * Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

Porcelain tiles, due to their exclusive appearance, signify a contemporary look and are famous for their stunning designs, which are hard to find in any other material.

You can get the most amazing variety of finishes in porcelain tiles, which make these an apt choice to install in any area and completely modify the look and appearance of that place.

If durability and aesthetic appeal is what you are looking for, then nothing can be better than porcelain tiles as these are renowned for their extremely attractive appearance, along with their long lasting quality.

Being made from natural material, these tiles will keep adding beauty to your home, without fading or showing signs of wear and tear. Thus these tiles are a great choice for installing in the outdoors and lending an appealing touch to the exteriors of your home.

Having a weather and water resistant quality, you can install these porcelain tiles in bathrooms, kitchens or any outdoor area as well.


Pebble Stone is Available in a Variety of Colors


Porcelain pebble tiles look extremely amazing and these are created by using ceramic pieces, which are in the shape of pebbles. These pieces are attached to a mesh backing, which not only makes these tiles easy to install but enhances their durability as well.

You can find consistency in both their sizes and colors, which provides a uniform look throughout the design.

The durability and excellent resistant quality of Porcelain Tiles can be accredited to the process which is followed while manufacturing them. As the material has to go through very high temperature, thus the final product comes out to be very long lasting and strong.

You can get these installed once and rest assured that these amazing tiles will not give away soon. It is an investment the beauty of which you can keep enjoying for a long time.


Pebble Stone Tile * Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Showers


Coverall Stone, Inc. has been providing incredible high quality items, which are incomparable in terms of designs and styles. We bring for our clients an exclusive range of amazing colors, including white, coral, desert sand, jet black, ocean, sea mist, sunset and green lagoon.

These colors and shades can go well with any setting, whether you wish to create a contrast or want uniformity. Thus, no matter if your home décor is dominated by vibrant and bright shades or has a subtle touch of muted colors, you can definitely find porcelain tiles to complement the existing color scheme.

Feel free to give us a call to know more or visit our store to take a look at the amazing options we have lined up for you.