Stone Lighting

Basalt-light-Red-BluffWe have a full line of stone lights to satisfy every outdoor lighting need, from small 4” diameter lights up to large light bollards. Stone lights are made out of Basalt or Granite and are a nice contrast of natural stone with glass and metal.

To create our basalt lights we cut the columns and sandwich a glass and metal lens kit in between. Granite lights come in 2 styles, a rustic hand chiseled square light and a more modern polished round light.

All lights are 12v (low volt) landscape lights with LED bulbs. Custom sizes and styles available, contact us for a quote.




Stone Lights For Patios, Gate Entries and Driveways


The exquisite landscaping stones and lighting can amplify the beauty and value of your garden and your home as well. It also creates a comfortable space for everyone to take pleasure in.

If you are looking to give your patio, driveway or entryway an exquisite makeover, then nothing can be better than stone lighting.

An increasing number of landscape designers are using different varieties of large and small sized stone lights. A recent trend in landscaping design is to illuminate the dark areas for safety with visually appealing light fixtures.   


Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Landscaping


These stone lights can be used in a number of ways in your garden; you can use these to spread light in the flower beds or line the edge of the walkway so that it is easily visible at night.

The stones which glow in the dark are a great way to enhance the beauty of your garden. These can be used to illuminate paths and ponds at night.

A great effect can be created by using different types and styles of stones in various areas of your garden. For example, the path can be highlighted with small stones while you can emphasize the edges with large sized stones. The same principle can be used for flower beds or an artificial pond in your garden.

Coverall Stone, Inc. can be a valuable partner if you are looking toward revamping your outdoor space with the mystical appearance of stone lighting.


Stone Lighting Can Double as Bollards and Car Barriers


We provide elegant architectural quality lighting for all your needs. All our products are created from natural stone and thus can make your landscape design appear even more alluring after the sun goes down.

All our products are made from finest quality basalt and granite and are available in various hues so that you can choose the one that complements your residential or commercial property in the best way.

If you want to add this mystical element to your landscaping, then you can personally visit our store in Seattle, or give us a call at 877-779-9553.