Flamed Basalt Slabs

Flamed Basalt Slabs are one of our most versatile and popular basalt hardscape products we offer. Stocked in many different sizes and thicknesses, our flaming or thermal finishing process adds a beautiful texture to the natural stone and provides plenty of grip where it is needed. Due to the thickness and density of our basalt, these slabs are durable and long-lasting for both interior and exterior projects.

Our flamed slabs are most commonly used for driveways, pathways, stepping stones, stair treads, counter tops, mantles, hearths, and many other applications. If we do not stock the size you need, we can always custom cut to your exact specifications.

Sizes Thickness SKU
72″ x 26″ 2″ B-P-2-7226
84″ x 26″ 2″ B-P-2-8426
96″ x 26″ 2″ B-P-2-9626
72″ x 30″ 2″ B-P-2-7230
84″ x 30″ 2″ B-P-2-8430
96″ x 30″ 2″ B-P-2-9630
100″ x 36″ 4″ B-P-4-10036
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