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4″ x 12″ PT-ST-PM
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Standing Pebbles Installation Guidelines

Coverall Stone’s Stacked Pebble Tile is designed to give maximum stone exposure to the pebble surface without compromising strength. These tiles are manufactured with secure tile adhesion and durability in mind.


No two pieces of natural stone are exactly alike. Tiles must be inspected prior to installation to ensure that no blending is required. No claims will be accepted by Coverall Stone after installation. Use of product implies acceptance.

Substrate Preparation

In order to achieve good adhesive bond, be sure to identify any surface contaminants that may be present and remove. The standing pebbles are approximately 7lbs./sq.ft. installed, and in some instances may require structural angle support. An engineer’s opinion may be needed for weight bearing walls. Wet areas need special attention and require appropriate substrates, e.g. concrete, cement boards (compressed sheet) and treated plywood. The use of reinforced waterproof membranes is recommended.


As required for interior or exterior application. It is strongly advised that membrane systems are used in all wet areas. Some systems involve the use of a primer. Please refer to installation guidelines set forth by the Marble Institute of America.


The manufacturer’s literature will explain if the product is suitable for interiors and/or exteriors, as well as walls and floors. A cement-base adhesive is generally suitable on masonry substrates where no movement is anticipated. Where slight movement could occur through thermal or pedestrian loads, a modified cement adhesive should be used as a minimum. It is important that each pebble is embedded in the adhesive. An appropriate notched trowel can be used to apply the thinset to no more than one square yard of adhesive at a time. Use a thin-set tile adhesive with no vertical slump.


Sanded grout with a grout-additive for flexibility and improved adhesion is recommended.
• Natural grey color gives good results, but any matching color is fine.
• Approximately 1.25lbs of sanded grout per sq.ft.

Installation Notes on Tools

  • Soft grouting sponge and other typical grouting tools.
    • Notched trowels.

Installing the tiles

  • Tiles should be brick stacked.
    • Ensure pebble lines run even and parallel by marking the substrate with a guideline.
    • Press tile firmly into tile-set by hand, then tap with a rubber backed grouting tool to ensure full contact with thin-set adhesive.
    • The pebbles should be vertical to the substrate.

Pre-grouting sealing

  • To ensure the best possible installation, an appropriate penetrating sealer should be used as a grout-release prior to grouting.


  • Allow a one day drying period prior to grouting.
    • Apply a fairly “stiff ” sanded grout with a rubber backed grouting tool
    • Allow grout to dry to a granulated stage.
    • Sponge surface grout away.
    • Brush grout out to desired depth with a “firm” bristled wisk-brush. This removes much more grout than just normal sponging.
    • At least half the depth of each pebble should be visible before going to the next step.
    • Sponge deeply again.
    • Final brushing with a softer “wet paint brush” to smooth the recessed grout deep between the pebbles.
    • Final sponging of pebble tops.

Cleaning & Sealing

  • After a day’s drying, remove any remaining cement film with a chemical grout film remover.
    • A quality penetrating and/or stone-enhancing sealer should be applied for a long lasting finish to the stone and grout.


We ship our pebble tile via UPS to job sites, residential addresses, and commercial locations nationwide as well as to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. For larger quantities we ship using our national network of LTL carriers.

For any LTL residential delivery, our contracted carriers will provide you with a delivery appointment window as well as a lift gate on the truck to deliver your order curbside at your address. Once delivered, you or your contractor will be responsible for the final placement installation of the pebble tile.

For larger shipments, we can ship via partial or full load flatbed trucks or via shipping containers on rail.


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