What are Basalt Columns?

Basalt is a volcanic rock and one of the most common types of rock in the world. Although it is common, it is rare to find the long solid columns of basalt that we use in our products. The skin or crust on the outside of the columns will have a patina that ranges from beige to red to black and will often contain a multitude of colors. The inside of basalt is black and polishes up to a rich luster.

We create fountains, furniture and paving material out of the columnar basalt. It is a dense crystalline material, weighing in at 188 pounds per cubic foot, about 10% heavier than granite. In the state of Washington there are many basalt column formations. In some areas the flows cooled at a relatively rapid rate, forcing them to contract which caused horizontal fracturing. This gives basalt columns their unique 5 and 6 sided shapes.




What determines the color and diameter of Basalt Columns?

Most columns have
a rusty brown outer crust.
Below the beautiful crust
is a pure black, crystalline interior.


A lava flow as large as the Washington State flow will produce basalt formations that have different colors and sizes. The crust or skin is made up by the minerals present in the lava when the columns formed. In general, the higher iron content, the redder the qualities.

In addition, basalt columns are subject to millions of years of seepage and exposure from local elements, further transforming their patinas. The diameter is determined by how rapidly the lava cools.

Areas that cool faster will produce smaller diameter columns (3-6”) while the relatively slow cooling areas can produce very large diameter columns (48”). Below you will find the basalt columns we stock. Currently we have 6 different size ranges, all with their own unique patina.





Basalt Columns for Architectural and Landscape Use

If you are looking for options to add a distinctive touch to your garden space, then Basalt columns & fountains can prove to be a great addition. Adding a water feature is the best way to spruce up the beauty of your garden.

Our exclusive range of Basalt columns & fountains will definitely be a delightful addition to your exterior space, complimenting the rest of the features so beautifully.

Basalt is a naturally occurring rock formation, which is formed by gradual cooling of the lava on the surface of the earth. This phenomenon occurred millions of years ago enable us to source the best quality basalt columns for our customers.

These columns are first sorted on the basis of their diameters and lengths before sending these to our plant for processing.

At the processing center, the columns are cut and polished to make these apt for various uses. The basalt columns are extensively used for landscape and architectural purposes.


Stone Columns, Birdbaths, Sculptures and More


Some of the common uses of these columns include fountains, benches, sculptures, fire places, fencing, and birdbaths. Their use is not limited to the listed items only, but these columns can be crafted in various shapes to create something unique.

The rustic appearance of basalt rocks make them so preferred among people who wish to bring a touch of natural charm in their lifestyle. You can place these at the entrance or even display one in any indoor area, transforming it into the most alluring part of your home. It can add a touch of vibrancy and life to even the most ignored and dull area.

At Coverall Stone, Inc., we believe in constantly upgrading our procedures so that whatever we offer our clients is according to their preferences and latest trends. If you are planning to get Basalt columns & fountains, then you can rest assured that these will gel beautifully with all the other elements of your garden.

The soothing sound of the water will have a therapeutic effect on your senses and you will definitely love to spend time around this feature.


An Outdoor Fountain Created from Basalt Columns


Coverall Stone, Inc. is renowned for offering its clients the best quality products, which can be a great and valuable addition to their home. One such item is the Basalt columns & fountains which have gained immense popularity among homeowners who wish to enhance the appeal of their garden space by adding something unique and innovative.

Take a look at our beautifully crafted range of Basalt columns & fountains by visiting our store in Seattle or give us a call at (877) 779-9553 and (206) 935-5310 for more information.