Chiseled Basalt Fountain

We make these modern basalt fountains by painstakingly hand chiseling a larger column down to a tapered square. By slightly tapering these stones from the base up, it promotes even water flow and disbursement, sound, and action. Because all the exterior crust has been chiseled away from these columns, the pure black interior is exposed all around. If your project calls for a deep black basalt water feature, these fountains are a clear choice.

8” Diameter
Weight:   ~1.7lb./inch

12” Diameter
Weight:   ~185lb./ft.

Diameter Height SKU
8″ 24″ B-F-C8-2
8″ 30″ B-F-C8-2.5
8″ 36″ B-F-C8-3
8″ 42″ B-F-C8-3.5
8″ 48″ B-F-C8-4
8″ 54″ B-F-C8-4.5
8″ 60″ B-F-C8-5
8″ 72″ B-F-C8-6
12″ 2′ B-F-C12-2
12″ 3′ B-F-C8-3
12″ 4′ B-F-C8-4
12″ 5′ B-F-C8-5
12″ 6′ B-F-C8-6
12″ 7′ B-F-C8-7
Cut Sheet / Specifications

We ship our basalt columns via LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers to job sites, residential addresses, and commercial locations nationwide as well as to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

For all residential deliveries, our contracted carriers will provide you with a delivery appointment window as well as a lift gate on the truck to deliver your order curbside at your address. Once delivered, you or your contractor will be responsible for the final placement of the stone.

For larger shipments, we can ship via partial or full load flatbed trucks or via shipping containers on rail.

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